Sunday, December 30, 2012

Well….it’s a new year after all..!

For me, 2012 wasn’t a year that I would call a good one. Though it taught me a lot of lessons, I found it to be a rather difficult and a troublesome year.  I know that life isn’t easy..but 2012 made my life extra difficult. 

Anyway now we are in front of a another new year….so let me wish you all  a 
Very Happy 2013…

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  1. Wish you the same. May all your dreams come true in the forthcoming year.

  2. Thank you so much... :)
    There is some sort of a problem with your latest posts. I can't view them :(

  3. Thanks a lot for the wish Dude.. :)

  4. Can u tell me why you are unable to see my posts?I have published several posts but they are not visible in other blogs.

  5. Well now this is weird :-/

    I checked your blog on the 2nd of January and found two new posts. Namely "The Cobra" and "New year resolutions". but when I tried to view them, both the posts were unavailable. In both cases it just said that "the post does not exist" (or something to that effect). that's why I said that I cant view your posts in my previous comment.
    but now I checked your blog and the two posts were there and I was able to view them without any problem.
    One thing I noticed was that the date of publishing of "The cobra" was yesterday. but it was there in my blog roll on the 2nd of Jan. it didn't appear in my blog roll yesterday.

    Any how now both those posts are no worries :)))


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