Sunday, June 15, 2014

I need someone......

I need a friend
to hold my hand when I am trembling

I need a companion
to help me when I am struggling

I need a mentor
to tell me what I should do

I need a pal
who can cheer me up

I need a guardian
to protect me from all dangers

I need a bosom buddy
to lend me a shoulder

I simply need someone
just to keep me sane.......

~~~I had all these characters in one person...and without him, I seriously don't know what I am supposed to do~~~


  1. Now enough of this suffering. No one is indispensable. Hard to believe but true. Time tested.

    1. Your comment reminded me of a poem that I wrote a couple of months back. Actually it's a true story....

      "No one is indispensable"
      You told me.
      "But YOU are"
      I told you.
      "No, even I am not indispensable"
      You said with a gentle smile.
      "To me you are"
      I snapped back.
      You just smiled and kept quiet.

      And today I know I was absolutely correct that day.
      You are indeed.......indispensable."~~

      BTW Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting Dude.. :-h

  2. Just saw your lovely poem Wow! great sis! Write some more!

  3. Yes.We all need someone to make us strong. But we are strong even without them.

    1. // But we are strong even without them.// In my case this theory doesn't apply BL :(

  4. wow! I just noticed this blog.
    Yah it's a charm! I'm gonna stole this poem,

    1. Welcome to my English blog Giman :) Pleasure to have you here :-h


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