Friday, May 3, 2013

I want to be invisible

I want to walk down the road leisurely
Without having to worry about my dress or hair.....
I want to sit by a river and enjoy the breeze
Without getting disturbed by the public's stare.....

How I wish I could cycle along the path
Letting my spirits a flying bird.....
I wish I could climb a tree and enjoy the view
Without worrying about being called a nerd.....

I wish I could go wherever my heart wants to go
Without thinking of the people I'll meet on the way.....
And all the questions they might ask from me
And in reply what exactly I’m going to say.....

It is a bother to answer the same set of questions
Again and again every time we meet.....
I wish I could be invisible to the others
So I can enjoy my walk down the street.....


  1. i wish to ..lets find a way together...nice one

  2. me too.... sometimes I also feel if I have an ability to be invisible!

    Good poem akki!!!!

    1. Oh then we are on the same boat right? d-)

      Thanks a lot nangi.... :)

  3. Chams, You just hit it on the head.

    Particularly this part.

    >>It is a bother to answer the same set of questions
    Again and again every time we meet....<<

    When we go home, I don't want to go to the newsstand to buy the paper. The lady over there always asks the same set of questions, every time she sees me. And she never remembers my answers. So I park on the other side of the road out of sight and ask my son to go, get the papers. Just because she doesn't know the connection, he gets away with it.

    She is only just one example. I give some people a wide berth.

    Just one last thing. Can you say care freely? I don't think so. I think it's carefree. This is the teacher in me, though I hate it, ha ha!

    1. You know what dude...these days I’m having a phobia for people because apparently everyone who sees me has the same set of questions to ask.

      "So what are you doing now?" "when is your convocation?" "why don't you move to....? "Don't you think it is high time for you to....?"etc..etc

      Sometimes I feel like giving the answers for these questions in writing, so that the next time they feel like asking me those questions, they can refer that ‘answer sheet’ instead of asking me.

      And about the word ‘care free’. I wasn’t very sure about the word myself and so when you pointed it out I checked it in the online Oxford Dictionary and it didn’t have such a word. But in wiktionary and wordnik there was this word, but I think I should not use it in the future because it doesn’t seem to be a proper word. So I removed it from the poem too :)

      I want to thank you profoundly for pointing that out dude…I really appreciate it. Why do you say that you hate it when the teacher in you comes out? You are a teacher and if you don’t correct us, who will? So even in the future if you see any mistakes in what I write, please correct me. I would be very much obliged if you do so.

      And it is from you that I learnt today, the phrase, ‘wide berth’ thank you for that too. :)

    2. You're welcome,Chams. And glad to be of any help. And I love the way you took it.

      another nice phrase for 'to give a wide berth is "to steer clear of them," :D

    3. [im] [/im] for helping me to improve my vocabulary dude!

    4. Welcome again. Now I want your advice.

      I also have these emoticons. But how did you get this awesome 'thank you' emoticon. I thought the collection shown under "Show Emoticons" in the tray, are the only possible ones.

      Tell me the keystrokes for this. Separate them with "and" or else it will be executed.

      Or else you can go to my blog and press the link "නා ගන්නෙ නැතුව HTML දාන්න" at the bottom below/ above the comment box and do it.

      And, what are the other possible emoticons that are not shown in the emoticon tray?

      Hope I'm not being a pain in the neck. :D

    5. Wow. I cheated and found it. looks like you use another site.

      [im] [/im]

    6. I'm sure I'm a pain it the butt, by now. I already used it in my own blog. Please Go and see.

      Click HERE

      And.....a BIG [im] [/im] to you, Chams.

    7. Of course you are not a pain in the neck :D I would have been glad if I could be of some help...but now that you have found how to get these emoticons on your own, I guess there is nothing much I could add.

      There are a lot of nice emoticons in that site and you will find some cool stuff here too
      Free Smileys, Free Emoticons, Free Smiley Faces, Smiley Emoticons

      And you are most welcome Dude :) :) :)

  4. always we are having these kind of free and wonderful wishes,if we will be able to fulfill those we'll be happy,even one wish. but will we be able to satisfied? i guess no..because our thoughts never lead us to the end.

    Nice creation and heart touching one.coz i also feel these kind of thoughts

    1. Yeah I agree with you Janaranga. We are never satisfied with what we have…I guess that’s the human nature.
      Thank you so much bro :)

  5. I’m glad to say that enjoyed with ur poems. You are always wonderful with words.its really nice dr. nicely one. keep it up...

    1. Thank you very much for your kind words රතී... Glad to hear that you liked the poem :)

  6. Wow.. just saw this

    Good one akki.. :) :)

    1. Thank you nangi...and sorry for the late reply :)

  7. Another nice poem as usual!I know the feeling you have. We are bound by the silly rules and traditions around us. That is why we, the more bold ones crave for freedom!

    1. Thanks a lot Blue Lotus... :) I'm so sorry I took this long to reply.... was out of the cyber space for a while ;)

  8. Hi Chams, What's up?
    You wrote this post 'I want to be invisible' and you are missing. Is this some kind of irony?
    Didn't see any new posts nor any comments from you in my blogs for ages.
    Are you okay?

    1. Hello dude, I think now you know the reason why I went invisible all of a sudden. Even after I fixed my computer I was so busy I just didn't have time to write anything. The worst part is I couldn't read a whole lot of blog posts including some of yours. :(
      The coming weeks are also going to be hectic but I am trying my best to stay in touch with the blogging world. Thank you so much for your concerned comment dude... :-h

      And thanks for visiting my Sinhala blog...Even though you are a regular visitor of this blog, I think you have hardly visited my Sinhala blog. Really appreciate if you can visit it in the future :)

  9. Maybe I didn't know about your Sinhala blog.
    Anyway I'm gonna add your Sinhala blog to my blog rolls right away so that I wouldn't miss it.
    And Congratulations on your academic achievement Chams.

    One more thing. I missed your valuable comments on my English posts.
    I invite you to read specially this particular post.

  10. Thanks Dude.... :-h

    I read that post of yours and left a lengthy comment :) I tried to crop some parts out of it coz it was more like a post than a comment, but then again thought of leaving it as it is ;)

    I really value your comments a lot dude that is why I wanted you to read my Sinhala posts as well. :)

  11. Replies
    1. Thanks sorry it took me this long to reply. Somehow I have missed it :(

  12. wow nice set of quotes and yaa these are my wishes too. But we the case is we have to face the reality and don't know why that shit depends upon our surrounding. Coz no one wanna look after them self thoroughly and always annoying (i mean asking pretty stupid quiz and looking for what we are going to do and whats now my state :P ) others, yaa i want to walk on ma way without anyone and wanna feel my freedom in ma style like you. sorry if ma comment is bit rough. :) but any way its beautiful emotions and totally agree with you, any way if you found a way to be impossible plz let me know :D

    1. No pal it is not rough at all :) seems like we all have to deal with the same problem right???
      I wrote this about an year ago..and after that I kinda totally ignored this blog...Ur comment reminded me that I have an English blog as well...So thanks for stopping by mate :-h

    2. oh yaa, end of my comment was totally wrong :P and plz forgive for ma mistake :) its not impossible its invisible :D but the matter is its still impossible :P


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