Sunday, December 30, 2012

Well….it’s a new year after all..!

For me, 2012 wasn’t a year that I would call a good one. Though it taught me a lot of lessons, I found it to be a rather difficult and a troublesome year.  I know that life isn’t easy..but 2012 made my life extra difficult. 

Anyway now we are in front of a another new year….so let me wish you all  a 
Very Happy 2013…

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Friday, December 7, 2012

It’s my blogoversary :-)

It was Nadeera, a friend of mine who first told me about blogs. Later on I developed a fascination regarding blogging, but didn’t really want have a blog of my own because I felt that I was not quite ready to start a blog. But when I realized that the poems that I had written in small pieces of paper were getting misplaced overtime, I understood the importance of keeping my writings safely, so that later someday I myself can read them again without having to find them all over the place. I felt if I posted them in a blog it will not only be secure but also more productive, as a wider audience can give me feedback about my work.  Therefore I started a blog in which I wrote poems in both Sinhala and English languages. But then I felt that having a bilingual blog can be a little messy. So I started two blogs, My life my way in English and හිත අද්දර in Sinhala. But yet again I was feeling insecure about making my writings public as I felt that they are not good enough. So I made my blogs readable only to me by changing the settings of “who can see your blog?” from “anyone” to “authors only”. But later on I felt that there is no point in having a blog if I didn’t want others to see it. So I again changed my settings to “anyone”, and today I am glad that I did it :)

Out of the two blogs, somehow my English blog is more close to my heart. When I go to bed at night until I fall asleep, I keep on composing poems…and when I wake up the following day, if I still remember the verses, I quickly write them down in a piece of paper so that I can later post them in my blog. But unfortunately the past year was not a one that encouraged me to write. I had to go through a lot of difficult phases that resulted in a drop in my enthusiasm towards any artistic work. My personal problems had a very bad impact on my two blogs, as whenever I was having issues I tend to stay away from everything including my blogs. But I tried my level best to keep reading others' blogs and thereby keep my fascination towards blogs afloat. 

Now in retrospect, I feel that I wasn’t able to write as much as I wanted. My life my way is not a very popular blog that has caught the attention of so many people. I am very well aware that the poems in it aren’t up to a very high standard. But this is something that has become a part of my life, which now I can hardly part with. Even though I am not able to update my blog regularly, I enjoy reading the things that I have written earlier as well as the comments that I have received. 

Sometimes I feel ashamed that even after a year has elapsed I still have only ten posts in the blog. It is not because that I am bored with it or something, but purely because I have not been able to keep peace of mind over the past year, which is very essential to keep writing. As I have mentioned in a previous post of mine, I feel that I have started my blogs in one of the most irksome times of my life. In the coming year I really hope that I will be able to stay in touch with my blog more often. 

Finally I have to be grateful to all of you for visiting my humble blog and encouraging me through your comments. It is your feedback that motivates me to keep on writing. Therefore I most eagerly look forward to your support in the coming year as well.

So thank you very much my dear friends…. You have been my strength over the past year and it has been an absolute pleasure to have you guys around :D :D :D

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Sunday, November 25, 2012

So how are you keeping?

My friends call me and keep on asking..
"So have you completed your project?"
"Have you finished your thesis?"
But no one even thinks of asking....
"How are you keeping?"

I meet people on the road and they look at me and ask..
"Have you completed your studies?"
"Haven't you found a job yet?"
But no one seems to care to ask....
"How are you keeping?"

I keep on asking it from the others..
hoping that they will ask it back
They tell me about their lives, their problems and their dreams
But no one asks that one question from me....
"How are you keeping?"

Life has turned out to be not very pleasant...
I need someone to share my thoughts with...
but to start that lengthy conversation
I am waiting for someone to ask....
"How are you keeping?"

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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Finally I have learnt my lessons

I have learnt that
if you wait for
all your  problems to end
you will have to wait forever

I have learnt that
just because you are
nice to the society
it wont be nice to you

I have learnt that
people change over time
no matter how much you
beg them not to

I have learnt that
you must be ready to be hurt
if you trust people
more than they deserve

I have learnt that
even though the
whole world is around you
some battles have to be fought alone.........

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A crying heart

Why did you leave me
I don't have any clue
You shattered all my dreams
But I still love you......

When my world was filled with tears
you gave me strength to carry on
Now when I mostly need your support
you have left me forever and gone...

Every day I sit by my window
hoping to see you passing by
when ever your memories cross my mind
my heart breaks down and makes me cry...

When ever I think of those lovely days
my heart fills up with a lot of pain
But I know I have to bear it up
because its clear that you'll never come again.....

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

That is all I need

I am not asking for all the stars in the sky.....
I am not asking for all the luxuries in life....
I am not asking for all the happiness in the world....
I am not asking for the best of everything....

All I need is a little bit of peace of mind and a happy ending to all my problems...

Is that too much to ask?????????

Friday, April 27, 2012

Fragile.....handle with care

I am giving my heart to you..
wrapped with unlimited love..
tied with a ribbon of trust.. 
& with a tag that says
"fragile, handle with care"......

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