Sunday, November 25, 2012

So how are you keeping?

My friends call me and keep on asking..
"So have you completed your project?"
"Have you finished your thesis?"
But no one even thinks of asking....
"How are you keeping?"

I meet people on the road and they look at me and ask..
"Have you completed your studies?"
"Haven't you found a job yet?"
But no one seems to care to ask....
"How are you keeping?"

I keep on asking it from the others..
hoping that they will ask it back
They tell me about their lives, their problems and their dreams
But no one asks that one question from me....
"How are you keeping?"

Life has turned out to be not very pleasant...
I need someone to share my thoughts with...
but to start that lengthy conversation
I am waiting for someone to ask....
"How are you keeping?"

 Image courtsy

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