Sunday, June 15, 2014

I need someone......

I need a friend
to hold my hand when I am trembling

I need a companion
to help me when I am struggling

I need a mentor
to tell me what I should do

I need a pal
who can cheer me up

I need a guardian
to protect me from all dangers

I need a bosom buddy
to lend me a shoulder

I simply need someone
just to keep me sane.......

~~~I had all these characters in one person...and without him, I seriously don't know what I am supposed to do~~~

Friday, May 3, 2013

I want to be invisible

I want to walk down the road leisurely
Without having to worry about my dress or hair.....
I want to sit by a river and enjoy the breeze
Without getting disturbed by the public's stare.....

How I wish I could cycle along the path
Letting my spirits a flying bird.....
I wish I could climb a tree and enjoy the view
Without worrying about being called a nerd.....

I wish I could go wherever my heart wants to go
Without thinking of the people I'll meet on the way.....
And all the questions they might ask from me
And in reply what exactly I’m going to say.....

It is a bother to answer the same set of questions
Again and again every time we meet.....
I wish I could be invisible to the others
So I can enjoy my walk down the street.....

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Keep Calm And…..


From today onwards I’m going to write about certain things that I have come across in life and the things that I have learnt over time. I hope you will like it..So stay tuned with the “Keep Calm Series"  

Today I’m going to talk about life. Let me ask you a question. “Do you love your life?” I guess most of you will answer it as “yes”, without any hesitation. Let me ask you another question. “Do you like your life?” Well…some people will not come up with a straight forward “YES” for this question.

All of us have issues in our lives. We complain a lot about them. We compare our lives with other people’s lives and the worst thing is..We jump into conclusions.
We think that the others are leading perfect lives while we are living a nightmare. But the million dollar question would be, “Do we know these people well enough?”

Before comparing ourselves with our neighbor, friend, cousin etc, we need to know how much we know about what they are really going through. Just because they have a good job, a big house, a nice car, and  smile on their face, that doesn’t mean that their lives are filled with happiness.

OK.. let me take myself for example. Most of my acquaintances think that my life is a bed of roses. My bosom friends know that I have some issues, whereas I and only I know what is actually going on in my life. I too have ups and downs..after all I’m human…right :)
So what can I do about it? I mean what can anyone do about it?  In our dreams we can have the best life we can ever think of, but in reality, we may have to go through so many problems.

Of course you can work hard and overcome your problems and make your own path towards success. On the other hand you can just be happy with what you have got, and learn to live with the unavoidable circumstances.

What cannot be cured should be endured huh?

Over the time one thing I have learnt is that, I should never compare myself with the others. Earlier I did it a lot, but it led me nowhere. I now know comparing myself with the others, is the worst harm I can do to myself.
Once I came across the saying 

"If we all threw our problems in a pile and saw everyone else's, we'd grab ours back."

True isn’t it? We may see a smiling friend and envy him for being so happy, but we may have no idea about the pain he hides behind that smile.

You may not have the job you wanted, you may not be happy with your house, you may have problems with your family members or you may be having health issues.

Yet you can always work hard and achieve your goals…improve your life conditions. But if you don’t succeed, and due to some unavoidable reasons, your dream life and your real life are not even remotely alike, Don’t worry. Be happy with what you have got. Look at the positives. Someone out there may be praying day and night to have a life like yours.  

This is something that life has taught me.. 

So live the life you have got. Make the most of it. Learn from the mistakes and work towards achieving your goals. Help others and do not make the mistake of comparing yourself with the others. Take time off to be with your loved ones and don’t take life too seriously….After all no one is going to live forever..

Life is tough my friends....but no need to worry. Just

Keep Calm and LIVE YOUR LIFE! Poster
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