Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A crying heart

Why did you leave me
I don't have any clue
You shattered all my dreams
But I still love you......

When my world was filled with tears
you gave me strength to carry on
Now when I mostly need your support
you have left me forever and gone...

Every day I sit by my window
hoping to see you passing by
when ever your memories cross my mind
my heart breaks down and makes me cry...

When ever I think of those lovely days
my heart fills up with a lot of pain
But I know I have to bear it up
because its clear that you'll never come again.....


  1. Oh! Wined up... Really sorrowful, but creative! By the way when appropriate time comes, everything will be Okay!

  2. Thanks a lot for the comment Lahiru....


  3. This song reminded me of Clout's song "Sam"
    Everyday you're waiting for her
    It looks like like she's not coming home
    Sam, You've been loyal, true and failthful
    ..... so on.I had a terrible time trying to comment on this. The comment link seemed frozen or dead.

    henryblogwalker (මට භිතෙන හැටි) the Dude (HeyDude) and මගේ ඩෙනිම My Blue Jeans

  4. This is the first time I heard of that song Dude and as soon as I saw your comment I searched for it... :)

    Thank you very much for taking all that trouble to put a comment to this post Dude. wonder what has gone wrong with the comment link :(

  5. So, did you find that song? It's an all girl band. (Not girls anymore.)

  6. Yeah I did Dude and it is a very nice song.. thank you so much for introducing this nice song to me :)

  7. Oh! dear it is a lovely post but to tell you frankly I was in tears! Great work!

  8. Thank you so much dear sis... :)


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