Sunday, October 21, 2012

Finally I have learnt my lessons

I have learnt that
if you wait for
all your  problems to end
you will have to wait forever

I have learnt that
just because you are
nice to the society
it wont be nice to you

I have learnt that
people change over time
no matter how much you
beg them not to

I have learnt that
you must be ready to be hurt
if you trust people
more than they deserve

I have learnt that
even though the
whole world is around you
some battles have to be fought alone.........

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A crying heart

Why did you leave me
I don't have any clue
You shattered all my dreams
But I still love you......

When my world was filled with tears
you gave me strength to carry on
Now when I mostly need your support
you have left me forever and gone...

Every day I sit by my window
hoping to see you passing by
when ever your memories cross my mind
my heart breaks down and makes me cry...

When ever I think of those lovely days
my heart fills up with a lot of pain
But I know I have to bear it up
because its clear that you'll never come again.....

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